A Top Critics View of Seniors

Tom Parker Bowles visited Seniors at Normoss this summer - see what he said...

Mail on Sunday review of Seniors by Tom Parker Bowles

It was June 2013 when Seniors hit the headlines with the Daily Mail review of the Normoss shop - written by none other than Tom Parker Bowles.

Summer came and went and for some reason we didn't shout about the review at the time. So call it a delayed reaction, but here it is - better late then never you might say!

Tom's article is about our great British tradition and staple - fabulous fish and chips - and the majority of the article is about our great product. We couldn't resist copying the pertinent bits for you to read here:

A piece of Torbay sole, no more than a mouthful, is plonked before me as I order.

‘It’s the special,’ says the waitress.

 And special it is, clad in the most diaphanous of batters, which allows a tantalising glimpse of the pearly white flesh beneath.

 The haddock is equally splendid and equally scantily clad.

Not so little batter that there are patches of naked fish (that would never do); rather, it’s so delicately spread that at one point it turns from smooth expanse into gentle, undulating waves that flow down to the tail.

Sweet, greaseless crunch; sweet, flaky fish.

I was last there a few years ago and met the owner. He happily admitted to using a pre-prepared batter mix. They tried to make their own but couldn’t guarantee consistency.

So commercial mix it was, and it’s a cracker.

Potatoes are locally sourced – not because it ticks the right eco-friendly box; rather, the owner worked with a nearby seed merchant to choose two perfect chipping potatoes, the Cabaret and Victoria.

The chips are no-nonsense: crisp, broad, uncomplicated. No triple-fried malarkey here. Curry sauce, a thick river of the stuff, may well be commercially made, too. That doesn’t make it taste any less fine.

A small steak pudding from the  nearby butcher has a beautiful suet crust and a satisfyingly sticky, murky inside.

Onion rings are crisp and burnished, and I’m in and out in 20 minutes flat. For under £20. It’s nothing short of a Morecambe Bay miracle.

‘I keep trying new places,’ says my cab driver on the way back.

‘I take my fish and chips seriously.

'But I always come back to Seniors. Nobody does it better.’

You can read the article in full here.

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