Deep Fried Brownies for Me!

That was the surprising verdict from Alan Titchmarsh when he tasted four mystery ingredients last week, cooked in Seniors award winning batter.

Our very own Alastair Horabin from our award winning Seniors Fish and Chip shops flew the flag for the nation’s favourite takeaway when he appeared on national day-time TV last week on the Thursday afternoon magazine chat-show.

Better known for his expertise in the garden, Alan quizzed Alastair about how Seniors won the title of UKs Best Fish and Chip takeaway in 2012, on the day that the new title holder, The Bay from Aberdeenshire, was announced.

After demystifying the secret of the Seniors delicious fish batter live on air, Alastair went on to chat about sustainability and fish stocks with Jeremy Wade from River Monsters, in the week that mackerel has been demoted to the yellow list of fish that should be eaten only occasionally, due to falling stocks.

Alastair said, “It was a fantastic experience, and fascinating to see behind the scenes of national television. Alan Titchmarsh is a huge fan of fish and chips and I felt proud to be able to represent our industry and of course the Fylde Coast”.

The show that aired on Thursday was actually filmed the day before on Wednesday, with a rehearsal session prior to the live event. The four mystery deep fried foods that Alan and Jeremy sampled also included strawberries and pizza, and gherkins which neither of them were keen on!

Alastair Horabin with Alan Titchmarsh
Sorry, it's not a very good photo!

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