Chips Update

LOTS of fish but not many chips read why UK farmers are struggling....

To ALL our loyal customers a quick note on potatoes!

As many of you are probably aware we had a very wet summer this has had a dramatic effect on the UK'S potato crops please watch this short video for a insight...

I have spent the month researching the long term effects this is going to have to Seniors in relation to our supply and found a farmers view have a read....

As the Managing Director its my job to make the difficult decisons but I want customers, friends and fans of Seniors to read this honest statement and understand why prices will have to go up. Seniors at the end of the summer season changed from our long term to a new supplier and our NUMBER ONE priority is QUALITY and back to basics attention to detail!!! Seniors have the best reputation for our fish & its my job to get you ALL to love, admire and enthuse about our chips!

Kind Regards

Alastair Horabin

Managing Director

your views are welcome feel free to email us 

Created: Wed 14 Nov 2012, 12:13
Modified: Wed 14 Nov 2012, 12:19


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