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Meet the family, Dad Rick, Dominic and Alastair

Seniors Thornton are delighted to have finally won the Best Fish & Chip Takeaway Award for 2012! The prestigious award from Seafish, the industry body, has taken ten years of determination and hard work to win, and the family owned Horabin firm are delighted with their success and would like to thank customers, staff and suppliers for their commitment and support over the years.

Seniors is owned by the Horabin family and has evolved over a decade from an end terrace chip shop packed with nostalgia to a bustling family fish emporium. Here's a brief history and an idea of our future goals.

Seniors Blackpool was purchased in 2000 and we quickly undertook a massive revamp in all areas; the shop layout, menu, staff training and the attitude of the staff. The menu was transformed to showcase what the sea has to offer, selling up to five varieties daily which are all purchased fresh from Fleetwood Docks and produced by the owner Richard, a fish merchant with over 30 years experience in the fishing industry. After six successful years in national competitions in all areas of fish and chips, at Seniors we approached the future with expansion in our minds and set out to find a new site to enhance the brand.

By the summer of 2006, we had expanded the Seniors menu to provide 13 daily varieties including specials ranging from exotic brahma brahma, fresh red snapper and delicate sea bass. At the same time we started to promote alcohol to fizz up the chips, and also got much more involved in local charity work including charity runs, fancy dress nights and a 24hr endurance challenge outside Seniors Blackpool.

Seniors Thornton was built on a car park, and was the brainchild of a chance  meeting in a supermarket. The shop is physically what the Seniors brand offers at all its shops – good quality and attractive but excellent value at the same time – in fact what Seniors think that the nations favourite of fish and chips deserves to be. Purpose built on two floors, the light and airy Seniors Thornton is a 100 seater restaurant and takeaway on two floors, with great views, a windmill for a neighbour and excellent parking. What more could you want from a fish and chip restaurant!

Our mission at Seniors is 'to provide the best fish and chips to as many people as possible' this will never change and our passion as a family will ensure that quality, consistency and value will always be the number one priority. Third place in the Fish and Chip Takeaway of the year in 2006 gave us the belief that we were moving in the right direction, belief that the in-house training was producing phenomenal staff with great passion for quality fish and chips and we had the potential to open a new site to showcase our collective skills.

At Seniors we aren’t frightened of hard work, and believe in doing our best to achieve high standards in all areas. We searched hard to find the third shop in the right place, and it was an honour to open Seniors Lytham on Club Day in 2009. It’s a fabulous addition to the Seniors brand, against Clifton Square and not far from the promenade, which brings the great British tradition of fish and chips to the locals and visitors who flock there.

We’re working hard now to maintain our high standards and to build on everything that being the Best Fish and Chip Takeaway in the UK brings with it, and thank our loyal and educated customers for their support over the last decade.

We’re looking to the future now and we’d really like you to come along with us for the ride!

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